Recognizing the demand for economical call center solutions, we've crafted a tailored offering using the Open Source VCDial platform. Our IP Call Centre harnesses the power of Open Source software and cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrating communication and computer networks. By combining these technologies, we create a holistic information service system perfectly suited for corporate needs. This comprehensive solution bridges communication and information domains, ensuring a versatile and efficient call center experience tailored to optimize business operations.




Collaborating closely with Microsoft, we specialize in tailoring the ideal technology platform for clients, perfectly aligning with their unique business requirements. Our certified experts deliver personalized solutions and foster innovation, enhancing productivity, and boosting revenue streams for our clients. Leveraging Microsoft's cutting-edge offerings like M365 for comprehensive productivity suites, Microsoft Azure for robust cloud solutions, and Microsoft Sentinel for advanced security information and event management, we ensure seamless integration of these technologies.




InfraSafeguard specializes in end-to-end security lifecycle solutions, commencing with meticulous Security assessments, policy formulation, and seamless implementations. 

We offer a suite of robust security measures including Endpoint protection, Anti-virus solutions, Two-factor authentication, and Data/Email encryption. Furthermore, our services encompass cutting-edge technologies such as Firewalls, IDS, content filtering, and UTM solutions, fortifying networks with VPNS, VLANS, and Packet filtering. We ensure the utmost security for wireless networks and provide advanced Data Leak Prevention (DLP) solutions 

Discover Our Range of Dynamic IT Solutions for Seamless Business Operations

Explore a diverse array of solutions offered by us:


  • Azure Cloud Solutions

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Enterprise Mobility Suite

  • Office 365

  • Manage Engine ServiceDesk Plus

  • Manage Engine OpManager

  • Manage Engine Endpoint Central

  • Manage Engine ADManager Plus

  • Manage Engine Patch Manager Plus

  • Manage Engine Applications Manager

  • Manage Engine ADAudit Plus

  • Manage Engine ADSelfService Plus

  • Security Solutions



At our core, we provide a range of cutting-edge solutions designed to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and fortify IT infrastructure for seamless business continuity.